Laura Whitesitt


My name is Laura Whitesitt, and I teach science at Timberlake High School.  I grew up about 15 miles east of Coeur d’Alene. With my love of animals, it seemed a natural fit to become a veterinarian. I pursued this dream by volunteering with a veterinarian, while in high school.  However, after passing out while watching a spay surgery of a greyhound; I realized a re-think was in order.  My high school friends would always ask me for help and I enjoyed helping them.  This joy, combined with my love of math and science, was my wake-up call to my passion for teaching.

            After graduating from Lake City High School, I went to North Idaho College before moving on to the University of Idaho and majoring in Biology. My first teaching experience was in Mountain Home, Idaho, just east of Boise, teaching Physical Science.  After three years of high desert, tumble weeds, and wind 10 months of the year, I moved home.  For the last few years I’ve taught at Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy and subbed for both the Coeur d’Alene and Post Falls School Districts. I am so excited to be teaching here at Timberlake High School.


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