Shawn Lawler


I have been teaching Physical Education/Health for 20 years. My first 6 years were at Wilder High School. The past 14 years have been in the Lakeland School District including the past 6 years at Timberlake. I am the head Cross Country and Distance Track Coach at Timberlake High.

I have a Bachelor’s degree from Boise State University (1995) and a Master’s degree from the University of Idaho (2004).

I have been married for 21 years to Stacie who teaches at Timberlake Junior High. We have two children Keegan (20) who is a studying writing at the University of Idaho and Keelie (17) who is a senior at Timberlake.

My hobbies include: Watching my kids participate in their activities, running, fishing, and skiing.   



Here is our Scope and Sequence for the year.  

 1st Semester

Weeks Involved (approximate)

1             Syllabus/Team Building Games

2             Exercise Principles/Fitness Testing

3-4          Ultimate

5-7          Flag Football

8-10        Volleyball

11-12       Playground Games

13-15       Badminton

16-18       Pickleball/Semester Exam

2nd Semester

Weeks Involved (approximate)

1-3           Basketball

4-5          Archery

6-8          Floor Hockey

9-11         La Crosse

12-14       Softball

15-17       Review/Revisit

18            Fitness Testing/Final Exam